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Baldoyle is a vibrant community and a wonderful place to live. We all need to play our part in keeping Baldoyle special by supporting our local businesses and charitable organisations - many of whom are under extreme pressure at the moment. We support the RTE Local Heroes initiative "working together for jobs" and make every effort to

THINK LOCAL- SHOP LOCAL. We also support the trojan work of the SVP helping to relieve the pressure on families in these very difficult times.

Please contact us to add a link to your business or organisation on this page!


Explore our local Chamber of Commerce site to discover all that Howth, Sutton and Baldoyle have to offer you!


Support Joe's Fiver Friday campaign!

A recent Liveline caller - Mark Begg - spoke to Joe Duffy about his new business and how he hated to see small businesses like his struggling to keep up. Mark suggested a campaign to encourage the people of Ireland to spend an extra €5 to help give the businesses in their locality a boost. Thus the idea of Fiver Friday was born.

So, to help give a much-needed filip to local business, on Friday 1 July, what you can do is buy lunch at a local café instead of making it; purchase the evening's dinner at your local butchers instead of at a supermarket chain; buy yourself a locally hand-crafted treat or surprise someone with a single rose from your local florist.

Fiver Friday is a great and simple idea generated by the listeners for neighbour to help neighbour and to support the local community, " says Liveline's Joe Duffy. "Fiver Friday is the one reason we need to boost the local economy and community."

To date, many businesses from neighbourhoods across the country have contacted the Liveline team to express their support for Fiver Friday.

From Bandon to Delgany, many local businesses from gyms and hair salons to garages and IT companies have pledged to offer 'Fiver Friday Specials' in the hope that enabling consumers to spend that little bit extra will help to keep local businesses afloat and keep people in their neighbourhoods working.


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